Getting the Desires of Our Hearts

“Human behavior flows from three main sources: desire, emotion, and knowledge.”

What is your heart’s greatest desire? Is it to be able to live a particular lifestyle? Fame and popularity? A type of relationship? Achievement and recognition? A long forgotten dream? A particular future in mind? Everybody’s got desires. Everybody’s heart wants something. We’ll, I’ve got good news for you. God grants us the desires of our hearts. It’s in the Bible. I promise. Check out Psalm 37:4.


Now here’s the bad news. We like to take that verse completely out of context. We can’t skip out on the first part of that verse which is crucial to understanding the second. Here’s the verse in its entirety: “Delight yourself in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart” (Ps. 37:4, ESV). We simply cannot ignore the first part of the verse that clearly tells us to first delight ourselves in God.

When we delight ourselves in the Lord, it means that God has really become our greatest treasure and reward. Nothing else in this world can and ever will compare to Him. We become completely satisfied in Him and in what He offers to us. When we delight and satisfy ourselves in the Lord, how can we then begin to desire anything else? How can we begin to desire earthly riches? Or personal glory and fame? Or luxury and extravagance? Or personal ambition? Everything else pales in comparison to the immeasurable beauty and glory of the living God.

Instead, as we begin to delight in the Lord, our desires start to shift—for the godlier. Money and fame and entertainment no longer delight us as they used to. Instead, we begin to desire the very things of God. Our hearts long to obey God and His commands. Our hearts long to be in His very presence. Our hearts long to do His will. We become completely satisfied by simply following Jesus and doing His will in our lives. Such things give us great joy and delight. And as the psalm promises, as we delight in God Himself, God will surely grant those very desires of our hearts that have now become completely aligned with His will.