Spirit, Lead Me where My Trust is without Borders

“Without the Spirit we can neither love God nor keep His commandments.”

One of my favorite Christian songs is Oceans by Hillsong. It contains a powerful message about trusting and surrendering our lives to Christ. There’s a line in the bridge of the song that really brings it all together for me: “Spirit, lead me where my trust is without borders.” I love hearing people sing that particular line. It’s incredibly encouraging to hear brothers and sisters declare their all-out allegiance to Jesus.

But at the same time, I often wonder to myself if people really understood what they’re saying—the full extent of the consequences of what they’re asking for? Is it true that you want the Spirit to lead you to where your “trust is without borders”? Are you ready and willing to go wherever the Spirit calls, wherever He leads? Because quite frankly, wherever He leads you can end up being a downright scary place physically and/or spiritually. The lyric can be quite a dangerous prayer if you really mean every word of it. Who knows where the Spirit will lead you to? Are you sure you want to go to a place in your life where your trust will be stretched to no end?

What if the Spirit leads you to give up your current status, wealth, and possessions?
What if the Spirit leads you to move to another country to serve Him there?
What if the Spirit leads you to leave your job so that you can be available for something else?
What if the Spirit leads you to share the gospel to your friends, neighbors, and co-workers?
What if the Spirit leads you to some of the rougher parts of your city to be a witness?

Do you really want to be led to a place where your trust will be stretched like never before? The Holy Spirit was sent to be our guide in this regard. I know we want more of both the presence and power of the Spirit. But we must honestly ask ourselves if we really want to go to wherever the Spirit leads. In his book, Forgotten God, Francis Chan put it this way: “If you say you want the Holy Spirit, you must first honestly ask yourself if you want to do His will. Because if you do not genuinely want to know and do His will, why should you ask for His presence at all?” “Spirit, lead me where my trust is without borders” is a great line to pray. But if you do so genuinely, be ready then to have your faith challenged and stretched like never before.