Productivity: One List to Rule Them All

“We like lists because we don’t want to die.”
–Umberto Eco, Italian novelist

I love lists. In fact, I might be a little obsessed with them. I’ve got a list for almost everything. A shopping list. A housekeeping list. An errands list. Several work-related lists. Some church-related lists. A networking list. A return-email list. Occasionally, I may even have a list just to keep track of all my lists. And a list that keeps track of all my lists that keep track of lists. And… never mind. I love lists. Wait, I already said that.


But there is one list that rules them all. I call it the Get-Done list. It’s the most important list that I have on any given day. And that’s because it directly relates to my life end goal: to inspire people to be their very best for Jesus. The Get-Done list is intentionally kept short with usually only 2 items making it to the list each day. These are the 2 things that I must get done each day to keep progressing towards my life end goal. And because of the importance of these items, whenever possible, I accomplish these things within the first 4 hours of my morning.

So what goes into a Get-Done list? As I mentioned, the list specifically contains items that are directly related to my life end goal which is to inspire people to be their very best for Jesus. Because the criteria is so narrow, only two types of tasks make it to my Get-Done list: creating inspiring things (like writing, preparing for sessions, etc.) or actually meeting people to inspire them to be their very best for Jesus. Everything else like doing errands, returning emails, or tidying up the house can wait until my Get-Done list has been completed. By having a Get-Done list and sticking to it, I ensure that I get the most important things done that help me reach my life end goal. I also ensure that I expend the best of my time and energy on those very things and not on various errands.

Of course, your Get-Done list will look different form mine because our life end goals are different. But the key thing to remember is that the items on this list pertain directly to your life end goal and each item clearly helps you progress towards that.