Why Some Won't Follow Jesus Just Yet

“Foxes have holes, and birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head.”
–Jesus the Christ (Matt. 8:20, ESV)

Following Jesus is a serious decision. We decide to follow Jesus or we decide not to. And the decision to follow Christ cannot and should not be taken lightly. A decision like this changes almost the entire trajectory of our lives. And so it’s no wonder that when Jesus put out the call to follow Him, He required potential followers to seriously consider the implications of such a decision. In my observation as a pastor, it’s these hefty implications that have people scurrying away from following Christ in the end. The decision to follow Jesus comes with implications for…

How we make lifestyle choices
What we consider valuable in life
How we use our time
What our life mission is

And there’s a whole slew of other implications that greatly shape who are and what we are to do in this lifetime. So it’s no surprise at all when people decide not to follow Jesus. It’s a decision that countless people have made simply because it’s just too radical for them. And then there are some who decide not to follow Jesus just yet. They want to follow Jesus someday but not right now. And they’ll make all kinds of excuses not to do so. What excuses have people come up with to not follow Jesus just yet? Perhaps you’ll resonate with one of these.

“Let me have my fun first.”

These people want to enjoy life. And that’s not necessarily wrong. But they want to enjoy life their way. And some of the things that God asks us to do will most certainly get in the way of that. God’s ways and values differ greatly from the world’s standards. And many people want to enjoy the world’s way of doing things first before they make the decision to follow Jesus.

“I want to get my career together.”

North America (and other similar societies) places a high emphasis on building and establishing a long and fulfilling career. People spend much of their waking hours working at a job. So it’s no surprise that so much emphasis is placed on building a career. And some people won’t follow Jesus just yet simply because they want to focus much of their time and energy on advancing their careers: moving up the ladder, achieving recognition, earning more money, etc. On the other hand, Jesus asks us to consider a different “career”—one that involves serving His kingdom by accomplishing the Great Commission.

“I’ll worship and serve God when I’m older.”

Plenty of people put off worshiping and serving God for the time being for various reasons whether it’s to start a family or to travel the world or to enjoy their youth or to simply do the things that they want to do. And they might consider following Jesus when they’re much older. But the truth is, you may not end up considering Jesus at all because you’re already set in your ways. Or you may not live long enough to realize that following Jesus is the best way to live in the end.

Are there any other excuses for not following Jesus just yet?