Switching Our Wish Lists

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”
–Mahatma Gandhi

Go to any website with an online store and chances are there’s a feature where you can input what they call a personal “wish list.” I’ve always been curious as to what this feature does. Although I’ve never used one personally, I’m guessing the function of wish lists is to let others know what to get you (say for Christmas or for your birthday) or it could perhaps be used for your own personal consumption.

What would be on your personal wish list?

The latest smartphone?
A trendy piece of clothing?
Two tickets to the NBA finals?
A DVD set of your favorite TV series?
A new video game?
A plane ticket to a certain part of the world?

Not that these things are necessarily frivolous or unimportant. Clothing is useful for keeping weird stares away from you (aside from keeping you warm, of course). Gadgets can help you be more organized and efficient with your time. Even a bit of entertainment can be beneficial for your psyche. But why are our wish lists always in terms of material stuff? And why don’t we take God into more consideration when making our personal wish lists? If God had His say (and He probably does through His Word), I bet our wish lists would probably sport a different set of items.

How about this for a new wish list:

I wish to tell more of my friends about the love of Christ.
I wish to give more to those who are in need.
I wish to draw closer to God and to know Him better.
I wish to know God’s ways, goals, and desires.
I wish to increase my obedience to God.

I think our wish lists need to change from the things that we wish for ourselves to the things that Christ ultimately wishes for us. And that takes a large shift in perspective. Life isn’t about us. It has and will always be about Christ. And so a shift needs to take place from looking at ourselves and our own desires to now looking upon Christ and His desires for us. If we did this, perhaps our wish lists would look much different from what they are today.