Benefits of Spiritual Meditation

“Half an hour's meditation each day is essential, except when you are busy. Then a full hour is needed.”
–St. Francis de Sales

Last at bat, we began to explore the idea of spiritual meditation (see post here). Contrary to popular perception, it takes a ton of concentration and focus to meditate—to meditate on who God is, what He has done, and what He expects of us. It’s not an easy discipline to master. But once we start to get the hang of it, we’ll begin to reap the tremendous benefits of having a daily time of meditation. Here are some of the benefits of meditation that I’ve personally experienced.

Meditation re-energizes me.

Nothing renews my energy better than spending quality time with my Father in heaven. And that’s because nobody else has the power to "restore my soul" except God Himself (see Psalm 23:3). Physical rest, hobbies, and some entertainment can be good things. But they’ll never trump spending quality time with our Lord and Savior. I find that we’re always in need of a fresh burst of inspiration to keep us moving in life. And meditation provides me with ample inspiration to keep going.

Meditation provides me with a proper perspective.

Whenever I enter a time of mediation, I realize once again who God is and who I am in relation to God. Pride and self-centeredness tend to melt away in the presence of God. And that’s because I realize that I’m not at the center of the universe. Christ is. Nowadays, I often see God as a Great King and I simply view myself as a servant of that Great King. To read more about this idea, click here.

Meditation brings me incredible joy and peace.

Let’s face it. Life can get downright frustrating. And sometimes, we just want to go to a safe place that's away from the cares of this world. I’ve discovered that safe place. It’s in the presence of the Lord. When I come before the throne of grace, I discover incredible joy and peace once again. And at the feet of Christ, I can lay down all my cares and worries. The psalmist declares that “a day in [God’s] courts is better than a thousand elsewhere” (Psalm 84:10, ESV). There are plenty of times when I know that I’d rather be nowhere else in the world than in God’s presence.

Meditation gives me direction in life.

As I meditate, I often reflect on my life. I reflect on the things that God has been teaching me and the things that God has been asking me to do. I remind myself once again why I’m here in this world. It’s to serve my King. As I meditate, I receive greater resolve to keep pressing forward towards being a better follower of Christ and a more diligent servant in His kingdom.

Have you been meditating in the presence of God lately? And what benefits have you received from spending time with Him?