What We Shouldn't be Satisfied With

“Open your eyes, look within. Are you satisfied with the life you're living?”
–Bob Marley

In the last post, I talked about being satisfied with what we currently have in this world (see post here). It’s no secret that people often chase after worldly wealth and possessions. In fact, they sometimes do so at the expense of the really important things in life. Like their physical health. Or their families. Or their spiritual wellbeing. But followers of Jesus are called to be different. We’re called to be content with whatever we have right now. Contentment is a must for believers because there are far more important things for us to focus our attention on. We also know that our home isn’t here on earth anyway. Our home is in heaven. And so we must learn to be content and satisfied with whatever we have in this world. However, there are a few things that we shouldn’t be satisfied with. And here are three of them.

Our Spiritual Maturity.

Discipleship—following Jesus—is a journey. In fact, it’s a very long journey. Discipleship is a long process of becoming more and more like Jesus every single day. The day we believe we’ve “made it” to Christ-likeness will be the first day of our downfall. As they say, pride comes before the fall. We should never be satisfied with where we are spiritually. We should certainly celebrate the victories. We should certainly be joyful at how far we’ve come. But we shouldn’t rest on our laurels. We should keep pressing further in following Jesus in faith and obedience. There’s always a lot of room for improvement.

Our Level of Service.

As believers in Jesus, we’ve been called to serve people. It may not seem glamorous. But glamour has nothing to do with following Jesus in the first place. We’re called to imitate our King who left His throne in heaven to serve humankind here on earth. Jesus told His disciples that part of His mission was to serve people. Jesus declared, “The Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many” (Matthew 20:28, ESV). And so, as people who profess to follow Christ, we’re also called to do the same. The people of God should be well-known for their sacrificial service in the neighborhood, in the city, and in the world. And so we shouldn’t be satisfied with our current level of service. I’m fairly certain that there’s so much more we can be doing in the name of Christ.

Our Participation in Evangelism.

Or the lack thereof. When was the last time you declared the gospel to somebody? It’s each of our responsibilities to tell people about Jesus and the salvation that He freely offers. Yet, we seem to be quite satisfied with not telling anybody about Christ. And that’s something that we should never be satisfied with. At the end of the day, lives are on the line—eternal lives are on the line.

So. Are you satisfied?