Goals: Getting Creative

“Creativity is putting your imagination to work, and it's produced the most extraordinary results in human culture.”
–Sir Ken Robinson, British author, speaker, and educationalist

It’s the end of February and the goals that you had set back in January have likely been completely decimated. New Year resolutions have the tendency to end up in that huge pile of forgotten dreams. So what happened? What happened to those lofty goals of getting more exercise, spending more time with the kids, and eating right? Well, life is probably what happened. Slowly but surely, life took over and we eventually succumbed once again to our old ways and habits.

Change is oftentimes difficult. We know this. Some of the old habits that we carry with us are deeply entrenched. And we might need to pull both tooth and nail just to get some of those goals moving. Anything we can do to ease the movement of those goals will ultimately be helpful in leading to their accomplishment. And so, one of my suggestions is to get creative in how you go about accomplishing your goals. With a little bit of creativity, you can find ways to accomplish your goals easily and efficiently.

Say for instance that you have two important goals this month: to get more exercise and to spend more quality time with the kids. But the problem is that you simply don’t have a lot of time left in your day. Is there a way for you to do both goals together? Apparently, you can. I saw a video on Facebook the other day of parents exercising with their kids. With a little creativity, you can hit those two proverbial birds with one stone.

Is there something creative that you can do to push your goals forward? I find that writing down my goals on paper isn’t enough. I need something or someone to actually push me to do them. Here’s an example. One of my current goals is to wake up earlier and earlier. My current target is 6 AM. Now I know for some of you, waking up at 6 is no big deal and that’s because you really have to be up at that time to get to work. But for me, I don’t have to be up at 6. And so it takes much more discipline for me to do it. I found that writing the goal down on paper wasn’t enough. I needed to get creative on how I actually intended on accomplishing it. And so I started doing something simple and creative. Every evening, I lock my cellphone with the alarm on at 6 AM in a box. And so every morning when the alarm clock strikes, I literally have to get up, turn on the lights, get the box, unlock the combination, and turn off the alarm. By the time I’m done, I have just enough willpower to not go back to bed. That’s just an example of a simple and creative way to begin accomplishing a goal.

If you’re having trouble getting those resolutions done, perhaps you can add a bit of creativity to push you towards moving those goals forward.