Being Faithful with the Small Things

“Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.”
–Mother Teresa

Ever since we were little kids, we’ve always had this inner desire for more. More cookies. More play time. More toys. As we grew older, this appetite for more didn’t wane. On the contrary, it increased. We wanted more responsibility, more independence. And if we had wise parents, they would give us more only if we were ready for it—when we could be trusted with more and counted among those who were responsible enough.

Today, we still want more. More responsibility. More influence. More ministry. You name it. But the questions is this: can we actually be trusted with more? There’s a very thought-provoking story in the Bible called the Parable of the Talents (see Matthew 25:14-30). A master gives three of his servants a sum of money to use and develop while he’s away on a trip. Two of the servants do well—doubling the master’s money—while one servant does nothing, choosing instead to hide the sum in the ground. What interests me most about this parable is what the master said to the two faithful servants: “Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a little; I will set you over much” (Matthew 25:21, ESV). Because the servants were faithful over a little sum of money, the master gave them charge over bigger responsibilities.

There’s a lesson for us here. We often want the more part. More of this and more of that. But the real question is this: can we actually be trusted with the few? Can we be trusted to be faithful with the small things that God has assigned to us? And I believe that if we’re found to be faithful with the small things, God will give us even bigger responsibilities. But if we’re not faithful with the small things, why in the world would He give us more?

I learned this lesson last year when I mentored my first person. All I wanted to do was be faithful in ministering to that one person. I didn’t ask for more. But as I was faithful in mentoring that one person, God sent another person for me to mentor. And then another person. And then another. God was expanding my ministry because I was being faithful to the few people that He was entrusting to me in the first place.

Do you find yourself wanting more? More responsibility? More influence? More ministry? Well, start by being faithful with the few things that God has already placed in your midst. And as you are faithful with the small things, I believe God will eventually assign you bigger things in His kingdom. Just be faithful with the small things today.