What is Simplicity about?

“In character, in manner, in style, in all things, the supreme excellence is simplicity.”
–Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

“The unexamined life is not worth living.”

Before I formulate a working description of what simplicity is about, I’m going to put some notes down to help us with the thinking process. Feel free to think aloud with me, talk to yourself, and receive stares from across the table.

Simplicity is about constantly evaluating and re-evaluating lifestyle choices. The journey to simplicity is probably a long one. No doubt it's a lifelong journey of learning to live simply every single day. My lifestyle today is simpler than it was four months ago. (Don’t worry, mom, I’m not a hermit.) But I’m still moving towards more simplicity as time goes by. I am constantly assessing my life and the choices that I make. I believe that the constant cycle of evaluation and re-evaluation is a key component to living a simple lifestyle.

Simplicity is about freeing up time, energy, and money. Simplicity necessitates that reductions be made in our lives so that we can have a certain degree of freedom. There’s a reduction of events on our schedules to free up time. There’s a reduction of activities we do to free up energy. There’s a reduction of things we spend on to free up money and resources. The reduction of these things will liberate our time, energy, and money for the things that matter most.

Simplicity is about having the time, energy, and money to do the things that bring fulfillment. Reducing events on our schedule, activities that drain energy, and things that break the bank will allow us to put more time, energy, and money into the things that bring us fulfillment in life.  Of course, what brings us fulfillment will eventually need to be defined. Drats, more work! But for now, I do know that what brings us fulfillment as believers in Jesus must line up with the teachings of Scripture.

So let’s put it all together to form one ridiculously long sentence which will tell professors how smart we are and therefore merit us an A+. Simplicity is about constantly evaluating and re-evaluating our lifestyle choices to free up time, energy, and money so that we can do the things that bring fulfillment.

Nailed it.

Feel free to comment if I didn’t.